The Body Language of the Carrot

When we are born, very little in this world makes sense. (Some may feel that this continues to be the case.) As time goes by, we begin to perceive patterns which bring a sense of order to our tiny selves. Scream like so, for example, and lo! the source of all comfort appears. These features arranged like this always come with that particular voice, and in time we realize that this is A Person.

As the years go by, we start to notice patterns in behaviour. When that person’s face goes that colour, they’re going to shout. When someone stands like that, it means they know they’re in trouble (and they hope you don’t know it yet).

Some people develop this to a finer art than others, but nearly every mind, having got the hang of it, gets completely carried away and starts noticing these patterns everywhere. Those clouds are sticking their tongue out. That tree looks surprised. And this carrot…

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Cover Images: Your Third Opinion, Please!

At laaaaast, we are getting toward the publishy bits of the Work In Progress!!! And as is customary on these occasions, I have here a selection of ten images for you to vote on as cover images for the book in question.

I’d love to hear from those of you who have read the book as beta readers – which image do you think best evokes the book and its feel?

I’d love to hear from those of you who haven’t read the book – which of these images would you find most appealing?

And whether you’ve read it or not, please imagine each image adorned with some beautiful typography which reads Amiant Soul – and also my name, but in smaller letters. Do bear in mind, when formulating your judgement, that the image will need to look good book sized and thumbnail sized, and also in black and white.

Here are the contenders!

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Behold the Pockets!

It has been suggested that the answer to “what do women want?” is “pockets in their clothes” and believe me, when I saw this waistcoat, I wanted it.

waistcoat with lots of pockets

Would anyone like to stake a guess as to the total number of pockets provided by this fine garment? A hint: there aren’t any on the back half of the waistcoat.

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