Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain


What’s your favourite colour? Or, to look at it another way, if you were to be represented by a colour, what would it be?

Myself, I am a sort of dark rusty reddish brown. Plain without being drab, warm without being fiery, simple without being boring. The colour of book-bindings, bloodstains and mahogany furniture – which, now I think about it, makes me sound like a murder in the library.

Well, there are worse places to die – providing, of course, that one does not bleed on the books.

And you? If you abominate the idea of a representative colour, the comment section is also open to discussions of the best places to die. (1,001 Places to Die Before You See?) We speak of birthplaces, why not deathplaces?

I'm Back! with a Question

I have had a lovely holiday (apart from the sudden and violent encounter with a bee, in which more than one individual lost their composure) and, as stated above, I’m back with a question.

If you could wear the clothing of any place and period in history, what would it be?


Myself, I can think of three periods I am particularly fond of, all from the Britain of my ancestors.

First (at least chronologically), the early medieval period, once circumstances permitted clothing to be more than purely practical, but before they reached the degree of elaboration which says nothing but I Have Way Too Much Free Time.

Bildnis einer Dame mit dem Schwanenorden, unbekannter deutscher Maler (1490)

Secondly, the Regency era (looks good on most figures), and lastly, the 1930s (elegant, but works with curves).
As you may have noticed, I tend to shy away from eras which had women heavily corseted (delightful as the resulting appearance may be), and nothing on earth would persuade me into an Edwardian S-bend corset.

What about you? Which era, and from what part of the world? What would you wear if you could, and if you can, why don’t you? (Or do you?) And what about you, gentlemen? Your views welcomed!