I Made A… Thing

But I’m darned if I know what to call it. Follow the process, if you will, and advise accordingly.

As so often happens, necessity was the mother of this design. I got sick of constantly mislaying my tiny scissors – the ones I use for snipping off ends of thread, yarn etc. What with working on the rose quilt and churning out a stream of granny squares for prayer blankets – not to mention wrestling with socks – those scissors were getting a lot of use, in a lot of different places.

Scissors at the ready! thanks @camilleantoine and Rose! #tiny #scissortattoo #bodgytatts #fingertattoo #craftyfun
One way to ensure you never lose your scissors again….

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Live-In Wardrobe

Nejvyšší skříň světa
Building a proper wardrobe is like building a home. Indeed, you should think of it like a home, because it is something you’re going to live in. It must be comfortable and suit all your needs.
Edith Head

Exciting News

As you may well have guessed from the Monday post, a website is in the works! I considered beginning this post with the words “I am delighted to announce,” but that didn’t seem quite fair, given that there isn’t yet a website to point you to.

Well, actually, there is, but it is under lock and key, because it isn’t finished yet.

But what can you look forward to seeing once it is finished?

There’ll be all the good stuff from this site, of course: the blog (including the archives), information about me and the WIPs; license information; a search function…

But wait… there’s more. (Or will be, anyway.)

There’ll be information about Restoration Day as Release Day draws closer; there’ll be a place to sign up for updates should you wish; there’ll be a contact form for anything you might like to say without announcing it to the whole world. There’ll be a WIP-widget, and more.

stage-1015653_640What else? Well, since you are the ones who will likely visit it most, what would you like to see there? Alas, the limitations of modern technology prevent me offering you tea and cake, but do please make any other suggestions that come to mind.

Also feel free to make anti-suggestions. Music that plays automatically? Never! Menus that no one can find? Down with them! Zany colour schemes that give you a migraine? Under no circumstances!

The blog will be going into hibernation for a week or so while I get everything moved across and set up at the other end, and then it will be my delight to invite you all round for a good nosy.

In the meantime, the suggestion box is open!