To YA or Not to YA, That is the Question

After much deep and profound brain things inside my head, as King Julien would say, I have come to the conclusion that what I really need here is your opinions. As many of them as possible, in fact, although ideally not more than one each. (Unless you can support them with reference to the text, as my first-year Shakespeare lecturer would say.)

Lemur catta 3
The brain-thing which is currently circulating inside my head is this question: what constitutes a Young Adult novel? More specifically, was I mistaken in not classifying Restoration Day as a YA novel?

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Would You Rather…?

Rates go to pay for a lot of things – roads being one of the most commonly cited when people complain about the relentless rise of their rates bill.
Given the choice, would you rather give up paved roads or libraries?

Exterior view of the Chas. M. Stimson Library, built in 1904 on the Occidental College Highland Park Campus, ca.1908 (CHS-5327)

It’s no contest for me; I’ve lived a large proportion of my life in areas without paved roads, but I can’t be doing without a library.
Besides, unpaved roads make people drive slower.