Upskilly & Stuff 5: The Shorts

Pink shorts, to be precise. No, I’m not setting up a girly fascist group, or even going in for lingerie design – I’m no Spode.

Beautifully silky soft french knickers, made in England by David Nieper....
Pink shorts Eulalie-style.

But in making these shorts, I have veered slightly toward the Eulalie end of the Spodeular spectrum, as I am not likely to wear them without something longer over the top, and they are therefore, more or less, undergarments. Or possibly summer nightwear. We’ll see.Continue & Comment

Your Views on Knees

What’s your take on knees – more specifically, on knee-baring garments?

Personally, I don’t think the knee is one of the more aesthetically pleasing body parts allotted to humankind, but if people want to bare them, feel free.

I do feel a bit sad, though, when I see women of an age to be mature who are still presenting themselves in a ‘look at me I’m young and sexy’ kind of way, minis and all. Continue & Comment