7 Things My Desk Says

About me, that is. What it would probably say if given free rein is “help, I’m being buried alive!” Except, of course, for the trifling point that it is not alive, being neither made of sapient pearwood, nor belonging to someone who has refused hospitality to a French enchantress lately.

But what my desk says about me is Quite A Lot, and not all of it flattering. So here is the dirt the desk would dish: seven things one can deduce about me from my desk – or at least the top of it, because even I cannot give you a clear account of what exactly I have in the cupboard and drawers thereof (which tells you something about me all by itself).

Louis-Léopold Boilly - A Lady Seated at Her Desk - WGA02352
Lady, there is a dog on your desk. Also a small stone flasher.
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…But You Didn’t Get It

A quote I have often found myself reaching for of late comes from Douglas Adams: “We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.”

To give programmers their due, it’s a convoluted world to operate in. However, I have recently discovered that the plugin I depended on to send post notifications to those who signed up for them was no longer sending said emails. At least, not to those who had subscribed prior to the ‘upgrade’ at the beginning of this year. For some reason the upgrade set defaults to “do not perform core function unless explicitly re-instructed to do so.”

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Gargoyle Chip Report ISH

Which is to say, this isn’t much of a Gargoyle Chip Report, because I haven’t actually made any progress on the Rose Quilt this last week (apart from blogging about it).

Gargoyle Desktop?

What I have done, however, is figure out a way of making sure that people who subscribe to this blog by email actually get emails when I post something.

I think.

If you’re an email subscriber and you get this, please let me know!

Regardless of subscription format, how are your gargoyles going?

[ETA: How about now?]