Doctrineless Drawers

Henry Stacy Marks - Where is it?“I have known some people of very modern views driven by their distress to the use of theological terms to which they attached no doctrinal significance, merely because a drawer was jammed tight and they could not pull it out.”
G.K. ChestertonAll Things Considered


6 Replies to “Doctrineless Drawers”

    1. To clarify that a little, I’m not Catholic and my theological training is sorely limited. It’s not that I’m afraid to open the drawer so much as there’s a LOT of stuff to rifle through, and pulling on one thing seems to drag a host of others with it.

      1. We had a drawer like that! Then I put all the things we never used in a box and about a year later got rid of it. Saves a lot of rattling the drawer and yelling “Aargh! Stupid [insert kitchen oddment]! Why do we even have one of those??”

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