Gargoyle Chip Report I

Musee lado sculpteur tailleur de pierre
How to sneak up on your gargoyle.

How are your gargoyles going?

My own progress is as follows.
Mending sheets: one sheet cut, pinned, hemmed and seamed. (Now requires only a darn and a patch.) Other sheet cut and pinned.
Curtains: no progress.
Rose quilt: no progress.

2 Replies to “Gargoyle Chip Report I”

  1. I have rehomed my bed. =) Which, while a single task, took up the most room and I thought might be one of the more effort requiring tasks. So that’s nice to have done.
    I also have someone lined up to take my tubes/props boxes. If she does, that’s another 2 decent sized boxes down.
    Everything else is still languishing.

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