Deborah Makarios was raised in the space between worlds, and maintains an eccentric orbit.

She found her niche at the age of six, when in short succession she read The B.F.G., her first Agatha Christie (Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?) and her first P.G. Wodehouse (Something Fresh – saying “Heh! Mer!” is still enough to make her laugh, decades later). Her personal motto is Tolle Et Lege – pick it up and read it – regardless of whether “it” is a Bible, a book, or a jar of home-made marmalade.

CC-BY-ND, Esther Van Kuyk

Being an ardent admirer of LOLs (little old ladies, though she has no objection to laughing out loud either), she is presently working on handwork, housekeepery, and the consumption of tea, in the hopes of one day attaining the highest rank of little-old-ladyhood: the White Hair. So far she has advanced to Silver Thread. (More cats may be required.) She keeps her Luddite tendencies under sufficient control to allow for regular blog posts, but nothing can quash her fondness for old technologies.

Her mission is to write books, plays, and blog posts like cups of tea: warm, heartening, and restorative. She believes in happy endings, the ultimate triumph of good over evil, and always having a clean handkerchief. It is, however, against her religious principles to believe in “normal.”

She lives among the largely unsuspecting populace of New Zealand with a very moderate number of cats, and her brilliant, albeit marginally less eccentric, husband, alias The Caped Gooseberry.

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  1. Deborah … I’m thinking about sharing a link to your blog on one of my posts. Is that okay? I figured you wouldn’t mind, but I wanted to ask just to make sure. Thanks!!

    1. There should be a tickbox when one leaves a comment, to subscribe to future posts. Hopefully I can also find a suitable means of subscription to those not wishing to comment. Bear with, as Tilly would say!

  2. Congratulations! Love the About page 😀 . And counting down till Restoration Day. But the website is another big Requisite acquired …

  3. Excitement is rising, especially when I read the final blurb for Restoration Day. I can see the board laid out, ready for the Game to be On! Alliteration is barely kept under control, but perhaps you could write a poem in Old English style in a spare moment.
    Thank you for your welcome to the new site. 🙂

    1. Glad you like it!
      The Old English poem might need to wait a while – I still haven’t got around to the epic tale of Boromir and the Pill of Doom.

    1. Thanks! I think the comment box only appears when you’re looking at a post’s own page (full width) rather than ‘previewing’ it on the Blog page, when it appears as a narrower column on the right. I may need to see if I can change that…

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