Restoration Day

Princess, pawnor queen?

Princess Lily was born to be queen, but she leads a pawn’s existence in the shadow of her guardians’ control. She dreams of the day when she will take her rightful place in the world.
At last her chance arrives, with a quest for the three Requisites of Restoration Day, the royal rite which renews the life of the land. But she’s been hidden away too long, and Arcelia has changed.
Stripped of everything but the identity which has become a life-threatening liability, Lily will need to do more than cross the board if she is to emerge triumphant as the queen she knows she must be. The land she thought was hers becomes the field for a gripping game—and this time she’s playing for her life.

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Praise for Restoration Day

Finalist for Best Novel, Sir Julius Vogel Awards 2019.

“Riveting stuff told with rich language and plenty of action.”
Bob’s Books NZ (read the full review)

“Makarios’ writing is charming and playful, and her characters are lovingly drawn… a strong first novel from a talented writer.”
Aphoristic Album Reviews (read the full review)

Available in paperback (978-0-473-41519-8) and a variety of ebook formats (978-0-473-41520-4). Click for retail detail.

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