Cheese and the Cerements of Death

“The blackest shadow, of course, is cast by processed ‘cheese’…

two slices of plastic-wrapped processed cheese

“In preparation of this solidified floor wax – often the product of emulsification with sodium citrate, sodium phosphate, or rochelle salts; of steaming and frequently blending odd lots of cheese, of paralysing whatever germs might result either in loss of profit or gain of flavour – every problem but one is solved: that of making cheese.

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The Mystery of the Red Rhombus

They don’t make things like they used to! Buy a pack of cotton dishcloths, and hardly a decade has passed before they’re wearing into holes you could put a teacup through. This time around, I decided to make some myself. At least this way if they wear out in ten years, no one can be blamed for shoddy workmanship but me.

And after all, how hard can it be to crochet something square?

A cream-coloured crochet dishcloth, in the form of a misshapen square.
Sort of a square…
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