Books and Emails

Yes, as expected, Amiant Soul is out in the world, both in paperback and ebook forms. (If it’s not in stock where you like to buy your books, consider making puppy-dog eyes at them until they cave and order one in for you.)

A tan and white puppy making eyes at the camera, with a toy bone at their feet.

Less expected was the email plugin on my website deciding that messages for the announcements subscribers should be sent to blog post subscribers as well.

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The Confusing Colour of a Cover

Preparing the cover for Amiant Soul was a confusing and somewhat nerve-wracking business. It wasn’t just that I wanted deeper tones on the cover image, or even that I wasn’t entirely qualified to make those changes (i.e. completely ignorant of how to go about it, and succeeding only by means of some rather messy trial and error).

Illustration of silhouetted man facing desert dunes.
The original image.

It was the way the image appeared on the screen – or rather screens. I work with two screens, one built into the laptop I use, which is a more bluish toned screen, and one separate monitor, which is less blue. Naturally, the cover image appeared different on each screen. That I was prepared for.

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