Books and Emails

Yes, as expected, Amiant Soul is out in the world, both in paperback and ebook forms. (If it’s not in stock where you like to buy your books, consider making puppy-dog eyes at them until they cave and order one in for you.)

A tan and white puppy making eyes at the camera, with a toy bone at their feet.

Less expected was the email plugin on my website deciding that messages for the announcements subscribers should be sent to blog post subscribers as well.

So my apologies to anyone who got two (2) emails saying the same thing, or who got one (1) email allegedly because they’d subscribed to the announcements list, when they thought they hadn’t. (This email will go to blog subscribers, but not announcements subscribers. Almost definitely…)

This should not happen again, as we are working on changing email plugin provider. Perhaps I should have changed after What Happened Last Time, but what is life without second chances?

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