E-books are available (in multiple formats: epub, mobi, pdf…)
from DriveThruFiction, Payhip, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Scribd, Kobo, and many others.
Check your favourite retailer even if not listed above.

Please note: as of Mar-Apr 2024 we are in the process of transitioning from one ebook distributor to another, and not all books may be available from all retailers at all times. Please contact me if you are unable to find what you are looking for.

Amiant Soul, The Wound of Words, and Restoration Day can be purchased directly from their pages on this site at a price of your choice. Payment can be made through PayPal or with a credit or debit card. We are in the process of extending this to all our books.

Paperbacks are available
from a variety of online retailers, including:
Amazon (US, UK, Australia, etc);
Barnes & Noble;
Fishpond (NZ, AU, US, UK, HK…);
and more – check your favourite retailer even if not listed above.
UK readers may wish to consult for the cheapest option available (new or used).

NZ readers can buy direct from the author if they prefer. Please use the Contact form to get in touch.

Librarians please note: paperbacks are available through Lightning Source/Ingram. For ebooks, please check with your library aggregator.

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