The End is Nigh

Four days before the end of the month! Four days to reach the 50,000 word goal! As the deadline approaches, I realize I haven’t actually settled on anything as a celebration or reward for reaching the goal.

So your input is welcome: what’s a good way to celebrate writing 50,000 words in a month? What’s a good way to celebrate finishing a first draft? Given that they’re looking likely to be two separate events, how would you weight the two? All on one and none on the other? A little for each? Never mind celebrating, get back to work?

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Further Investigations

Hullo all you lovely people!

I thought I would pique your interest – or at the very least, beguile an idle five minutes – with a further list of things I have had cause to investigate for my NaNo novel, Dolly & Dot and the Mystery of the Missing Maid (coming along nicely, thank you).

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The Great Duck Conundrum

In my efforts to create a historical novel which will not cause informed readers to recoil in educated disgust, I have been looking into a number of different things. Most recently:

the death of the Romanovs (with a suspiciously heavy 17 lb. cushion)
Raffles (the gentleman thief, not the hotel)
Black Ascot
Pekinese (crossed with a poodle = a peekapoo)
IQ (disturbing eugenic history there)
and rubber ducks.

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