Gargoyle Chip Report XV

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Scary looking chappie, isn’t he?

My own gargoyle is still looking a little spiky in places where the pins still lurk, but those places do dwindle. Just the other night, when tempted to blob in a chair and watch a DVD with nothing for my hands to do, I thought of this very report and chipped away a little more.
So thank you for the encouragement.

How are things with your gargoyles? It’s a tricky time of year, when people start doing all the social things they know they won’t be able to fit in come December, but keep chipping away, no matter how small your chips. You’ll get there.

Gargoyle Chip Report XIV

I have made a tiny amount of progress on the rose quilt. Alas, very little, in the grand scheme of things.

2.2.17 Dubrovnik 3 Gargoyles 02 (31248924353)Is it just me, or is this ‘ere gargoyle the Cheshire-Cat, halfway through a disappear? There’s a good gargoyley lesson: keep smiling, whatever else disappears (e.g. the rest of the year).

But given all the other crazy that’s been going on around here (remind me to tell you the Saga of the Dripping Tap sometime) I’m not planning on beating myself up about my lack of astounding progress.

In fact, I might take the tap as another lesson for the week: if you keep on making your tiny drops of progress, it’ll all add up and eventually something will happen. Although hopefully it won’t be someone taking my head off with a screwdriver and pliers.

How about you?

Gargoyle Chip Report ISH

Which is to say, this isn’t much of a Gargoyle Chip Report, because I haven’t actually made any progress on the Rose Quilt this last week (apart from blogging about it).

Gargoyle Desktop?

What I have done, however, is figure out a way of making sure that people who subscribe to this blog by email actually get emails when I post something.

I think.

If you’re an email subscriber and you get this, please let me know!

Regardless of subscription format, how are your gargoyles going?

[ETA: How about now?]