Question: Zombie Cookery

Not how do you cook a zombie (that’s unhygienic) but when you feel like a zombie, what do you cook?
Everybody has that go-to recipe that’s so familiar you can make it even when your brain has fallen out the back of your head and is slopping miserably across the kitchen floor.

Contemplative Chef Zombie

When in dire mental straits I tend to resort to scrambled eggs on toast. In fact, I was on one occasion so tired, stressed and disorganized (combination of new job, moving house, planning wedding etc etc) that when my dearly beloved came round for dinner on his usual evening, all I could manage to feed him was scrambled egg in a cup. Because I had run out of things that could be toasted, e.g. bread. (And he still married me!)

What’s your emergency brain-out-fallen recipe? Share below!

Your Questions Answered

Or rather, since you have a terrible habit of not asking any, my questions answered. Last week I left you with a few questions regarding the commencement of my First Full Draft of the current WIP.

These included whether I could write 6,000 words in a day (by hand?), whether my story plan would work out (too soon to tell), and whether I would still be able to use my left hand (pretty much).

I took the precaution of fortifying my wrist with an elastic bandage, and in order to prevent my weak eye becoming a lazy eye (I’ve caught it slacking off a few times lately) I wrapped a strip of challis around my head, covering my good eye.


According to the Caped Gooseberry, this made me look like a superhero. (Ever notice how you don’t get plain heroes any more? It’s super or nothing. Go big or go home, I guess.)

Whether this helped prevent distraction (it was on the window side of my head) I do not know, but I did manage to write 3,721 words. A far cry from the 6,000 I was aiming for, but a solid start nonetheless.

As the challis did such a good job, I plan to use the idea again – although since the challis itself is already doing double-duty in my wardrobe (as a sash and a bandanna) I’ve supplied myself with some other fabric to make a similar garment (garment? accessory?) from.
It’s basically black, with a grey and gold scrolling holly leaf pattern on it. Very piratical.

A lovely one-eyed redhead (IMG_3402a)

Unfortunately, the DDJ has done what its mummy always told it and shared, so I now have Ye Olde Office Cold. Here’s hoping it doesn’t turn into zombieism bronchitis again.

I suspect 6,000 words will not be an option tomorrow, or even 3,721, but I’ll do what I can. I’ll do something.
Even a tiny step forward is better than standing still, blowing your brains out through your nose…