The Contents of a Port Flip

According to The Cocktail Key, a little pamphlet brought into this world by Herbert Jenkins Ltd, 3, Duke of York Street, London, S.W.1 (that’s the address given on the cover), the ingredients of a port flip are as follows.

1) a glass of port. (I told you this wasn’t a trick question.)
2) a dash of sugar syrup (as though port wasn’t sweet enough already).
3) the yolk of one egg.

Egg yolk-1460404

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Cocktail Time!

Not the book by P. G. Wodehouse (nor Sir Raymond Bastable, nor Cosmo Wisdom, if it comes to that), as delicious and mildly intoxicating as that book is.

Instead, I would like you to apply your minds to the following conundrum: what are the ingredients of the cocktail known as a Port Flip?Continue & Comment