Restoration Day is OUT!

Yes, as hard as it is to believe, and as long as the path has been, I am now officially a published author!

BSF-Republic day
And more importantly, the evidence is now available from (alphabetically):


Amazon (including the US, UK, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Germany, Spain, France, India and Italy branches – please note that while the websites are in a variety of languages, the book is currently only in English)

Barnes & Noble

Fishpond (NZ, AU, US, UK, HK, Indonesia…)


and may be available from more locations soon! By all means, check your favourite online book-buying place even if you don’t see them listed above.

Please note – the cost to you may vary but I get the same regardless, so don’t cheat yourself and be sure to shop around.

Ebooks (in MOBI, PDF and EPUB format) are on the way, and I’ll definitely let you know when they’re available.

La farandole de Pétrarque
But for now – we celebrate!

Restoration Day Has a Cover!

Yes, I am as excited as you are. No, wait – I am more excited than you are! (Unless you are bouncing up and down going eeee! in which case, welcome to the team.)

I could blether on for hours about the long road to this point, but instead I will cut the cackle, come to the ‘osses, and show you this:

Isn’t it beautiful?

My thanks go to the Caped Gooseberry for getting the background to look the way I wanted it to, and to Eve Doyle for the stunning typography which is, I think we can all agree, the best bit.

Now, those of you who have encountered books before may be wondering where the rest of it is. What about a spine? Or a back cover? Fear not. There shall be a back and a spine (although the spine will not be in the middle of the back, as is usual in most vertebrates I know of).

All detective 193412
Here’s a spine on the front cover!
And if you want to one day see them – or, indeed, see what lies inside this lovely-looking book cover, then pop across to the Home page and put your details in the form at the bottom.

Not the one at the very bottom – that’ll get you subscribed to the blog. The one headed Want To Be The First To Hear About New Releases? (Because you do, don’t you? First-equal, anyway.)

In fact, those who sign up will also be the first to hear when Restoration Day is available for pre-order, as it undoubtedly will be once I get all the technical duckies in a row.

Get your ducks in a row.jpgIt has just occurred to me to wonder where that expression came from. What are the duckies lining up for? I fear it will end badly for them. But not for us! We shall have books, spiny and otherwise.