The T-Rex’s Remarkable Grandchild

Grandchild being in this case a major understatement, but seriously, chickens are amazing. Amazing and amazingly weird.

Take the whole issue of eggs for example. It takes a hen about 26 hours to produce an egg. But when the hen sits on a whole batch of them – up to a dozen – they all hatch around the same time, not at 26 hour intervals for a fortnight. (Assuming a rooster was involved prior to egg-laying. Otherwise no business results and the hen gets bored after a while and wanders off.)

Not much of a view, but not bored yet…
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The Contents of a Port Flip

According to The Cocktail Key, a little pamphlet brought into this world by Herbert Jenkins Ltd, 3, Duke of York Street, London, S.W.1 (that’s the address given on the cover), the ingredients of a port flip are as follows.

1) a glass of port. (I told you this wasn’t a trick question.)
2) a dash of sugar syrup (as though port wasn’t sweet enough already).
3) the yolk of one egg.

Egg yolk-1460404

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Did You Know…

that Easter is named after a Germanic goddess associated with the dawn?

Ostara by Johannes Gehrts
April was her month, and so the name carried across to the Christian festival which took place around that time. But only in Germanically descended languages, like English. Most other languages refer to the occasion with some form derived from Pesach or Pascha, which comes from the Passover feast which it originally – and not coincidentally – coincided with.

Myself, I feel English could do likewise. Or perhaps we can have two names: one, perhaps Passover-related, for the celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ; and “Easter” for the feast of chocolate eggs laid by a magical rabbit.