That Useful Square of Cloth

He gave her hand one firm shake and then pulled a large handkerchief out of his pocket.
You have a handkerchief?” Lily asked.
“What? They’re useful–bandage, sling, bag, garrotte…”

Mariana de Neoburgo reina de Espana
Look at the size of her handkerchief! She is clearly planning something…
“Blowing your nose?” Lily suggested.
“How much use is a cloth covered in snot? Turn around.”
“So I can tie this over your eyes.” He did so, deftly and firmly, leaving her ears unmuffled. “Now, aren’t you glad I didn’t blow my nose on it?”
She was, but refused to say so.

Restoration Day, Deborah Makarios

What Could Be Worse Than Having Your Head Cut Off?

“So unless you can sound a missing horn with your lips and your lungs in two places, I can’t see it happening,” Malin summed up.
“Really! Must you be so—graphic?”
Black Dwarf (engraving) by Henry Leverseege“Hey, I’m probably in for something worse.”
“What could be worse than having your head cut off?” Lily asked, feeling the hysteria rise.
“Something slower.”
Lily thought about this. He was probably right.

from Restoration Day by Deborah Makarios