What Next?

The Wound of Words (draft 2.2) has now been despatched to the lovely people who volunteered to be beta readers, and I… what am I going to do?

I’ll be carrying on with the Grand Productivity Experiment, but doing less writing work and a lot more house and garden work. Especially garden work.

You don’t catch me using a chainsaw in a tree. Or anywhere else. I am attached to my limbs and I would like it to stay that way.

There’s the redcurrant to prune (at last!), the mighty Balrog to hack back again (the shed porch disintegrated and collapsed under its weight this year), and the dozens of poles shooting out the top of the apple tree like some sort of living candelabra to slice off.

And once I’ve done all that (no doubt with the assistance of the Caped Gooseberry’s superior musculature), it’s on to the potting, the planting out and the weeding.

Inside, for those inevitable days of Much Water, there’s pruning of another sort to be done (aka decluttering), and a truly remarkable quantity of mending to work my way through.

Welfare work in a Services Hospital Art.IWMARTLD6000
Husband trapped in bed until wife mends at least one pair of trousers.
At some point, of course, whether sooner or later, it will have to be decided: what writing project do I work on next?

Upskilly & Stuff: October

This month, buttons and hoops!

I’ve been sewing on buttons for years, and I’ve finally started to do it properly. I always used to just pinion the button to the garment without mercy, but then a mercilessly pinioned button found itself unable to cope with the strain and popped off. I’m not going soft on buttons, I just object to sewing the same button on twice. I’ve got better things to do with my time.

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Gargoyle Chip Report IX

Grotesque (4441150508)
You win some and you lose some. Sometimes they’re the same one. Which is to say, when I put the sides-to-middled, patched and darned sheets on the actual bed, I saw another area that probably needs patching (which of course didn’t show up when I was actually looking for it).
The sheets are holding up, however, and to my surprise the seam isn’t noticeable unless you go feeling for it. So I’m going to call that a win, and add another patch at my own convenience.

As for progress on the other projects:
Curtains – none.
Rose Quilt – one evening (about two hours) of appliquéing the motif onto the background.

Slow progress, but still progress!
How are yours going?