Pick Your Role

There is a certain class of story – popularized by Disney – which always seems to be populated by the same roles. Stock characters, you might say. Which role would you most like to be?

The princess? The prince? The villain? The villain’s henchman or familiar? The good guys’ sidekick? The comic relief? The old crone?

4 Replies to “Pick Your Role”

  1. A few years ago I was part of a semi-improvised play where the set roles were assigned to the cast at the start of each performance; I greatly enjoyed being the villain, sweeping about the stage with an oversized cape, and laughing wickedly. It is something I’d love to do again. Sort of Lord Farqaad look.
    I’ve also played a couple of slightly dotty old kings…. rather fun.

    1. I think we’ve all wanted to be Tigger at some point in our lives!
      Have you had the chance to play many villains? Or are those roles usually reserved for contraltos?

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