Status Report: Wobbly

As you may have already gathered (or felt) by now, New Zealand is in the grip of a major earthquake event, which started just after midnight with a magnitude 7.5 quake and has been presenting variations on the theme ever since.

I am happy to report that the Caped Gooseberry and I are unharmed, albeit rather lacking in sleep. For one thing, there’s the continuing aftershocks, and for another, there’s the tsunami siren which the authorities, in their wisdom, have caused to be housed just over our back fence.

I also note that if there’s one thing calculated to bring general chaos into your life, it’s deciding to do NaNoWriMo (PseuDo or otherwise); and if there’s one thing calculated to provoke an aftershock, it’s deciding to pay a visit to (cough) the smallest room in the house.

So far the only damage we’ve noted is one bookcase crashing down onto our bed, precisely in the place my legs would have been had I not been already cowering in the doorway and beseeching divine aid to secure the continued existence of a) our house and b) ourselves. (Thanks.)

Naturally, my thoughts today are with those who have not weathered the night so well – and with all those exerting themselves to help, whether professionally involved or friendly neighbours. Good on all of you.

If you’re in New Zealand yourself, do feel free to leave a comment so we all know you’re ok!

6 Replies to “Status Report: Wobbly”

  1. Very glad to hear you’re okay. My partner’s family are in Paraparaumu and left the house in the middle of the night… Everyone I know down south felt it, but are okay… Very scary.

  2. Here in Christchurch we’re fine, business as usual, and very grateful for that! However, for the last few days we’ve had helicopters buzzing back and forth overhead to Kaikoura, reminding us every few minutes that there are lots who weren’t so lucky. I guess this is the new reality for New Zealand (and Italy, by all accounts) and we need to be constantly ready for a “big one” coming our way. I really must refresh our emergency water supplies!

    1. Likewise! We’re well stocked with radio, candles etc but a bit short on stockpiled water. Or tinned food, unless we are prepared to sustain life largely on tomatoes…
      Good to hear that Christchurch isn’t wearing it for once!

  3. Glad to hear/read you’re okay – I just learned about the quake tonight and immediately thought of you. I hope the bookcase has been secured now and all the books restored to their home without damage? Hopefully you’ve been able to catch up on some sleep too. I’m out of earthquake country (and have been for some time now) but am recently into tornado territory, for which I could also be better prepared.

    1. Tornadoes? Yikes! Although I guess everywhere’s prone to some kind of natural disaster.
      Yes, the bookcase is back up (and screwed to the wall) and the books are back in it, albeit not in order yet. And I slept really well the following night (only up in the doorway twice!) which is just as well as it’s been a busy week…

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