Restoration Day is OUT – Again!

It’s been over a year since I published Restoration Day, and I am delighted to announce that it is now – at last! – available to the world in ebook form via something rather more book-oriented than a crowdfunding donation site. It is available, in fact, at Smashwords – and soon via Smashwords’ distribution networks.

This means that not only can you buy an epub, mobi, pdf, txt, html or lrf version from Smashwords here, it will shortly also be available in such places as Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, Scribd, Kobo etc etc. Not to mention that libraries using a library aggregator service such as OverDrive or Axis360 will also be able to buy copies (at a reduced price) to loan to their patrons.

And there was much rejoicing! At least there is in this house.

I do have a couple of things to ask of you though, if you’ve read and enjoyed Restoration Day. First, I would be delighted if you left a review of it – on the site where you bought it, on Goodreads, on your own blog, or in your library’s review system. Reviews and ratings help readers decide whether to take a chance on a book (and author) they’ve never heard of before.

The other thing is that nominations are now open for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards – one of the few awards which Restoration Day, as a self-published novel, is eligible for. Anyone can make a nomination, and the more nominations a book receives, the more likely it is that said novel will be considered.

Sir Julius Vogel (25423335586)

So if you are willing, I would be utterly delighted if you would nominate Restoration Day. The details are here and if you need any information to complete it – the publisher, for example, is Oi Makarioi – do make free use of the Contact form to request it and I shall furnish it forth with due rapidity.

Many thanks!

The couple of days I spent getting the files ready (for reasons known only to itself, Smashwords insists on uploads being in .doc form, and I don’t use Windows) more or less called time on my time away from writing work. I still have a few things to do before I can settle back into things – clean out my desk, for one! – so I shall be returning to ye work of desk come February 1.

Already, I find myself mulling over the rewrite in sleepless hours…

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