A Plague of Frog

Alas, I have of late fallen victim to a Plague of Frog – the knitting kind of frog, that is. (Rip-it, rip-it.)

1.35 Belarus (Road sign)
Of the 12 most recent projects I have listed on Ravelry, fully six are either frogged, waiting to be frogged, or frustratingly unfroggable. That is a 50% survival rate.

But from each failure, I learn something.

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Making Both Ends Wool

(a rather more animal-friendly approach than making both ends meat.)

With the approach of winter, my efforts to insulate myself with wool have stepped up. Recently off the needles: a pair of socks and the Zipfelmuetzen Bommelschal hat!

But there is an issue with these yur socks.

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Widdershins Purled I, Stringing It Low

I may not have mentioned this before (if I have, I can’t find where), but some years ago I discovered that I purl backwards – which is to say, clockwise, or Eastern Style.

I don’t know how long I’ve been doing it – if that was the way my mother taught me, being simpler, or if I just found it easier than the anti-clockwise way and decided in my youthful innocence that it didn’t make any difference.

Revelation: it does. When one knits continental style – the way I do – the yarn goes round the needle anti-clockwise. Like so:Continue & Comment