Subversive Heroines

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She doesn’t do the things heroines are supposed to. Which is rather Jane Austen’s point – Fanny is her subversive heroine. She is gentle and self-doubting and utterly feminine; and given the right circumstances, she would defy an army.
Susanna Clarke

12 Replies to “Subversive Heroines”

    1. I really struggled to get into Persuasion when I was younger – again, it’s probably a matter of maturity (mine, this time).
      Fanny isn’t my favourite of Austen’s heroines, but she certainly has admirable qualities.

      1. Persuasion is slow, but by golly Austen’s mature style is gorgeous. I really wish she had lived longer.

        Aye, she’s admirable. I just get frustrated by her indecision, I think. Anne has some of that, too, but it’s not as pronounced. But then again, it’s been a long time since I read Mansfield Park!

        1. For me the frustration is not so much Fanny’s indecision as the extent of her spinelessness. Admittedly, it’s an awkward situation she finds herself in, but she really needs some healthier boundaries!
          And yes, it’s sad to think of all the masterpieces Austen might have written, had she only lived longer…

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