How to Embrace Imperfection and Get Things Done

First, select project: case for craft tools, perhaps? Consider design of perfect [insert project here]. Adjust specifications regularly to ensure perfect combination of variables is not overlooked.

After some months or years, find project has not eventuated. Success!

Eureka arkimedi
Important discovery for humankind! Net result of perfectionism appears to be nil – but further research clearly indicated.

Design perfect crochet-hook case, planning for capacity greatly exceeding likely lifetime quantity of crochet hooks. Agonize for extended period over choice of perfect fabric. Inky stretch velvet (aka Fabric of Unalterable Doom) cannot be passed by. Disregard lack of overlocker or even machine with zigzag stitch.

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The Most Gorgeous Table of All Time

Behold, the glories of the Auckland War Memorial Museum’s work (i.e. sewing) table.

Work table (AM 1964.40-1)

This elegant piece of furniture is embellished with gilded lacquer and furnished with ivory implements (made back in the day when elephants were a lot more populous than at present).

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A Worker and their Tools

Simm Stickerin

Most people have hobbies of one sort or another – cycling, cooking, whittling, crochet… And unless you are the Caped Gooseberry (hobby: thinking) your hobby quite likely involves some kind of equipment.
What’s your favourite piece of equipment and why?

The bobbin of the British type