The Most Gorgeous Table of All Time

Behold, the glories of the Auckland War Memorial Museum’s work (i.e. sewing) table.

Work table (AM 1964.40-1)

This elegant piece of furniture is embellished with gilded lacquer and furnished with ivory implements (made back in the day when elephants were a lot more populous than at present).

Regrettably, the entry on the Auckland Museum site does not include any detail on the “50 parts” – or photos of what sits under the mysteriously closed lacquered lids to each side – but a brief squint at the midsection detects bobbins, clamps (for netting?) and at least one bodkin.

I am particularly desirous of knowing what the bit at the bottom of the box is – a slide-out work surface of some sort, perhaps? (Any Auckland-based readers with further details?)

But the question is, have you ever seen a more delectably gorgeous set-up for handworking? If so, please provide prolific photographic evidence so the rest of us may drool along with you.

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