The Weird and Wonderful Stick Insect

Spending one’s days pretending to be a small piece of plant material doesn’t seem like much of a lifestyle aspiration to me (though there are moments…). Stick insects, on the other hand, seem to have a passionate devotion to the artistry required to really get inside the part of A Stick.

So here for your enjoyment are ten fascinating facts about the wacky, wonderful stick insect.

Phobaeticus chani Bragg, 2008; Holotype Female dorsal view

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Picking Your Pet

If you had to pick only one kind of creature as a companion for your future life, what would you pick? The traditional cat or dog? The slightly less common bird, fish or rabbit? What about a lobster, like Nerval, or an ermine, like Cecilia Gallerani? What’ll it be?

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