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      1. Bless, it’s possible I guess. I’d hope they’d see each other as family though not lunch! And thanks for clearing that up – it’s one of those words you know, but don’t know. Jerboa.

          1. Wild eh? Literally! Just imagine all those animals we haven’t discovered yet. A cross between a horse and snail?!!! A cross between a rabbit and a crocodile!!!!

  1. You honestly can’t expect me to pick just one! 😉
    I guess a cat, because at bottom I am a cat person. My shoulder-cat, in particular: https://jubilare.wordpress.com/2011/12/30/tabasco/ her loss still aches. I will not meet her like again.
    I love so many kinds of critters, though, that it’s a hard sell. I would love to have a crow as a companion, or a horse, or a little brown bat… the list could go on forever.

      1. She’s the only one I’ve ever had, and I think it was because, when I got her, she was only about a week old. Her mother had been hit by a car… So she was tiny-wee, and had to be bottle-fed. This created a strong bond, and also meant that she grew up quite secure in her ability to perch on me. This was aided by the fact that she was never a large cat. I was the only one she would ride on, though. She was never lap-cat material, and I think if she hadn’t been hand-raised, she would have been one of those cats (like Sunshine, the other kitty we had when Tabasco was little) who come occasionally for petting, but generally prefer their own company. 😉
        I have lived with 5 cats over the course of my life so far, and every single one of them has been very different from all the rest. I currently have a placid, demanding lap-cat and a miniature polar-bear who seems to be autistic, if that is possible for cats.

        1. We have one demanding lap-cat and one who will come and sit on your lap occasionally, apparently out of a sense of duty. Once she feels she’s fulfilled her obligations, she’ll go sit by herself again.

  2. A cat, so I can stare into its eyes; a seagull, so I can stare into the sky.

    p.s. love the painting – I think I always liked it better than the Mona Lisa.

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