Trivial Pursuit 2000s: Millenial Edition

Note: this post uses the term “millennial” – spelt correctly or otherwise – not in the technical sense of “people born between 1981 and 1996” but in the pop culture sense of “these darn young people who are destroying [insert industry here]”.

All right, they don’t call it that, but that’s what it is.

For the last, er, lifetime, I have been playing Trivial Pursuit with questions as old as I am. Or older. We have two sets: a New Zealand set, and an Australia expansion pack – both from the mid eighties. Clearly, it was time for some fresh blood. As it were. (Am I a trivia vampire? Yes. Yes, I am.)

Trivial Pursuit
Enter Trivial Pursuit 2000s. Of course, the game is wrapped in plastic, so you can’t get a good look inside, but once you do – once you’ve bought it, that is – whew. The questions aren’t the only thing that’s changed.

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People and their Boxes

Not the kind of box that’s full of wooly joy, but the kind of box that people put other people (or even themselves) in.

Man in a box
No, not that kind either, although ouch.

I mean the kind of boxes people use to classify each other; the boxes people file you in the first time they meet you, and try to prevent you escaping from thereafter.

What are the boxes that people try to put you in?