People and their Boxes

Not the kind of box that’s full of wooly joy, but the kind of box that people put other people (or even themselves) in.

Man in a box
No, not that kind either, although ouch.

I mean the kind of boxes people use to classify each other; the boxes people file you in the first time they meet you, and try to prevent you escaping from thereafter.

What are the boxes that people try to put you in?

15 Replies to “People and their Boxes”

  1. I am mindful of the sort of box people are likely to put me in at first sight — middle-aged frump is probably a good description. The BIG challenge is not to see myself this way by putting myself (resentfully) in a box of someone else’s making. Some women fight against it by paying close attention to their appearance and looking good ‘for their age’. I have no interest in that box either. My time is precious to me and I have better uses for it. Unfortunately there isn’t much I can do about the sort of judgements people make about women based on their appearance, except to put a large chunk of humanity in a ‘box’ marked ‘narrow-minded fools’. However, I am always delighted when someone leaps out of the box and surprises me.

    1. It’s always nice when people surprise you, isn’t it? Figuratively, that is. Actual people leaping out of actual boxes is more likely to induce a heart attack.
      And speaking as one “frump” to another, I know what you mean about the struggle to not see yourself the way you’re labelled. Sometimes I almost feel like I’ve been brainwashed…

  2. Old enough to be a superannuitant because I let my hair grey at its own pace. And deaf because I sometimes carry a white cane!

    1. Erm… deaf because you carry a white cane?? Sounds like some people’s brains have got their wires crossed.
      And that age thing is a doozy! The more people try to pretend to be younger (looking good “for their age” as Honoria mentioned) the more unrealistic people’s ideas become of what certain ages look like.

    1. “In general, ISTJs are capable, logical, reasonable, and effective individuals with a deeply driven desire to promote security and peaceful living. They can be highly effective at achieving their goals—whatever those may be.”
      Ignore your critics – they’re just jealous of your anti-procrastination powers!

      1. Hehe, I actually LOVE MBTI. When I read my profile it was like a lightbulb went off and instead of thinking there was something wrong with me, I started embracing and loving my love of working hard, rules, tradition, etc. And recently I did the test and got INFJ and found so much of the profile resonated: melancholy, introspective, creative, altruistic person of action, etc. It gives me so many insights!

        1. It’s a chance to see something of yourself from the outside, in a way, isn’t it? Although, as with all views through other eyes, you have to discount the parts that don’t resonate with you.

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