Quote: Abyssinias

Abyssinian Cat Portrait.Idsfa


“I met a traveler from an antique land
Who said: A huge four-footed limestone form
Sits in the desert, sinking in the sand.
Its whiskered face, though marred by wind and storm,
Still flaunts the dainty ears, the collar band
And feline traits the sculptor well portrayed:
The bearing of a born aristocrat,
The stubborn will no mortal can dissuade.
And on its base, in long-dead alphabets,
These words are set: “Reward for missing cat!
His name is Abyssinias, pet of pets;
I, Ozymandias, will a fortune pay
For his return. he heard me speak of vets —
O foolish King! And so he ran away.”
Henry N. Beard

See original here. I am happy to report that my cat (though not Abyssinian) has been found, after a nearly three days’ absence.

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