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  1. This has me thinking. Part of me isn’t completely sure on what you are asking, and part of me thinks that’s also the point. When someone asks how many “personae” you have, it implies that it’s normal to have multiple, well, personae. Technically the first questions allows that too, since you’re asking if you are one or more person, but it’s not quite as open. Also, “personae” seems less concrete. It’s a bit more “metaphysical.”
    So I am going to say I have two personae. One persona is very happy-go-lucky, spontaneous, chatty, laughing, mischief-making, and goofy. The other persona is serious, reserved, calculating, and withdrawn. They’re complete opposites. I prefer the happier side (surprise surprise!), but I also highly value the more serious side. Virtually all my blog posts are written from that point of view.

    1. Alas, I am not the sort of writer who is intentionally imprecise, by way of making a point – it just comes naturally. You do seem to have ‘got’ what I was intending to ask, though. (Thank you.) I guess you could say that a person has a personality, whereas a persona is a part or aspect of a personality.
      Interesting that you can not only identify your personae and their roles, but also express a preference for one over the other. And keep them in some sort of balance – after all, if you were only the happy side, it sounds like you’d blog a lot less!

      1. I agree with your comments on person/persona/personality. Persona certainly sounds a lot more human to me than “personality!” And yes, even though the serious side isn’t as fun, I suppose it does get stuff done. Your posts help get my thoughts going. Thanks for that. I’m going to ask people this at work tomorrow!

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