Texture: Love and Loathe

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The odd thing about textures is not that they vary so greatly, or even that some are perceived as pleasant and others less so. The odd thing is that some people will love those which others loathe, and vice versa.

Myself, I cannot stand the texture of foam mattress stuffing. Just the thought of it rubbing against my fingernails makes my skin crawl. Why this should be, I cannot say.

What textures do you love – or loathe?

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  1. I love the feeling of a snake gliding a cross my palm — especially a big one like a rock python, able to cover my entire palm at once — because it doesn’t feel like what it is. It’s cool and damp, and I expect it to leave a wetness behind, but there’s none. It’s a dry dampness. And coupled with its cool temperature, it makes me think of an invigorating glass of chilled water…

    I hate the texture of feijoas. It feels like boogers. Also cucumbers, for the same reason.

    1. Fascinating! Personally, the very idea of snakes makes my skin feel like getting up and walking away (with or without me), but vive la difference, eh?
      Is it the inside or the outside of cucumbers/feijoas that gook you out?

  2. Well, huh, I learned a new word (feijoa.) Do they taste good aside from the texture?
    Speaking of edible textures, the firm-ish squishiness of mushrooms is why I won’t eat them if I can help it. It makes my teeth squirm.
    I can’t think of any tactile textures at the moment that bother me, but I do love a warm, smooth, furry hide, whether it’s a puppy or a horse, or whatever happens to be wearing it. 🙂

    1. Mushrooms = fungus. Fungus ≠ food. And I know just what you mean by teeth squirming.
      Feijoas are nice or nasty, depending on your tastes. The Caped Gooseberry loves them. I am less enthusiastic myself, but I had some feijoa gelato the other day that was really very nice indeed.

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