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  1. Hmm… depends on the mood I’m in and which old favorites I have available. Whether I’m in the mood for comfortable old friends (and how long it’s been since I visited said old friends between their pages) or in the mood for something unknown and exciting (and possibly not to my liking in the end.) If I go for old friends, then I can pick the particular mood to fit what I want – light and funny and fast like most Discworld books, or something weighty and involved like the Shannara books, or something in between. With new books, you can sort of tell, by the cover and the heft, but you never really know how it’s going to go.
    I guess it boils down to whether I’m in the mood for predictability or risk.

      1. Perhaps I’m just tired (it was a long day at work) but how is moods changing a problem with library books? If you change your mind, you can just take them back…? Or do you mean that an ambiguous mood makes it harder to pick library books? Pardon me if I’m missing something obvious…

        1. I sometimes find that I stock up on library books in one mood, and then when I get home and am at leisure to read, I find my mood has changed and I don’t feel like reading any of the books I got. Like having “nothing to wear,” I have “nothing to read”!

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