Lectura para unas vidas

Most of us have a tendency to collect a certain class of object. Not necessarily intentionally; not necessarily because we want or like them; but simply because we have a weakness in that direction.
It could be clothes, books, toiletries, craft supplies or papers. It could be something else. It could even be digital. Whatever is easiest to accumulate and hardest to let go of. What is it for you?

17 Replies to “Accumulation”

      1. Not quite there…but if I’m not careful I can see that happening…or at the very least forcing me to buy another hard drive. If only the internet would stop tempting me with these images and tons of other interesting things. ‘Tis the internet’s fault!

  1. Things pertaining to fabric, especially the fabric itself. Restraint with this has NOT been helped by joining the sewing group! Also fruiting plants. They require a lot of molly coddling, especially in this climate, where it’s either frosting out of season – again – or else drought.

    1. The knitting blogger Stephanie Pearl-McPhee talks about SABLE: Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy – which she says is a sign you need to make appropriate testamentary dispositions ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. They’re not quite as ‘cool’ as crows, lacking the all-black look, but they are a bit more free-spirited in their appearance. What could be more eccentric than a bird that’s patterned like a cow?

          1. How about one that does impressions? I have a mockingbird neighbor whose favorite hobby is mimicking hawks. He’s quite good at it, much to the chagrin of the other birds.

            I would like to be around magpies, though.

          2. Hawk impressions are preferable, to my mind at least, to the local birds (tuis, I think) who have taken to imitating ring tones. Probably hilarious from their point of view, of course!

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