What Haven't You Read?


This isn’t one of those “1001 books you must read before you can consider yourself well-read” posts. This is more of a clutter post: what do you have sitting around waiting to be read?
Books, magazines, papers, bills? How big is your stack? Where do you keep it? And if you dare confess it, how long have they been waiting?

2 Replies to “What Haven't You Read?”

  1. I did a stocktake for the purposes of answering your questions. I’m slightly stricken. Over 70 items.
    Two borrowed dead-tree-edition books (one a novel, one detailing the history of English).
    Kobo digital library: 12 novels
    iBooks digital library: 2 novels, 3 classic fable/fairytale anthologies (HCA, Grimm, Aesop)
    Kindle digital library: 13 non-fiction (inc 3 recipe books), 11 novels
    Public libraries via Overdrive wishlist: 6 non-fiction ebook, 19 novel ebooks, 2 audiobooks
    A few design/photoshop digital magazines.

    Things get added to the queue faster than I can read them, thanks to the boon/curse that is BookBub.com. And since almost all my to-read items are digital, its easy to forget just how many there are as I’m not tripping over them! Still, they’re acceptable terms. I loathe clutter. Clutter gives me depression and difficulty breathing.

    1. Digital clutter is definitely less in-your-face and generally less stress-inducing than the traditional kind. And you get a free pass on the cookbooks – reference books don’t count! Assuming of course that one ever refers to them…

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