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  1. Um, but wouldn’t that be giving it away? “Say, did you know that Alberta Heinschwieler is really…? She said so in this comment on this blog one time…”
    (P.s that one’s just off the top of my head.)

    1. Tried the generator, that was entertaining. 🙂 Some of my favorites are:
      For Romance novels: Rosemarie Philldiamond or Roselyn Sweetlove 🙂 (That second one is because I put in my real first name and then hit the small suggest button and it filled in a middle and last name for me; the last name being “Sweet.”)
      For Fantasy: R. Phoenix Sweetington
      And under “other pen names” Dusty McPhillippa (from my supposed first pet and generated middle name)
      One could probably waste some time messing around with that generator… 🙂

    2. Fair point, although these days you get book covers with “Rosemarie Philldiamond writing as Alberta Heinschwieler” plastered all over them, so it can be a bit of an open secret. I like the name – have you ever thought of going into the pen-name generation business?

  2. I already have some ideas for my pen-name, so sharing these is no threat. My favorite of the General category is Anne S. Wiley. XD Though Anna Anneson is also pretty humorous.
    For romance novelist, Sunshine Shelley. XD
    The only other winner was under “other,” as Sunshine McSetliffe. Apparently this thing really wants to name me after my first cat, Sunshine.

          1. First time I saw any of the British Isles I left my home in Tennessee pouring rain. Saw only a day of cloud and drizzle in two sunny weeks between England and Scotland, and returned home to more rain. One never can tell. ^_^

  3. I tried the generator. I didn’t find one that I felt comfortable with. I know that I’ll need to come up with one though because so much of my writing project has happened to people I know. With my last name being what it is, I’ll be found out in no time.

    1. Oo, yes. I think Anne Lamott writes in ‘Bird by Bird’ about how to get away with using real people in your fiction, but >cough< her method only works if they're male.
      Good luck with your pseudonym hunt!

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