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  1. Mmm, how much of what? If “how much” is a quantity, then what is being quantified is important. It’s going to be a different volume/number/amount depending on what it is.
    On a lighter note, if you mean those chocolate and peanut butter confections you have pictured, I personally prefer the smallest ones, because they have a better chocolate-to-peanut-butter ratio. As to “how many” of them… the answer is, “less than it takes to make you feel sick.” 😛

    1. Heh heh! I wasn’t thinking of them in particular, more of the way we tend to endlessly accumulate more of things without a fixed goal in mind.
      Like Rockefeller, who when asked how much money was enough, replied “Just a little bit more.” Obviously, not a good answer when it comes to chocolate!

  2. I like the title of the book I once read by John V Taylor: “Enough is enough”. And as my sewing teacher used to say about material: “You have enough – you are rich!” Both have influenced my view of STUFF ever since, although I still seem to be able to accumulate stuff at an alarming rate.

    1. Funny you should mention that particular book…
      It is alarming how fast one can accumulate stuff without even trying, isn’t it? You stop moving house every five minutes, and the next thing, whoomph! Stuff everywhere.

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