$20: Freedom, Life – or Pasta?

Flickr - cyclonebill - Pasta med svinemørbrad og grøntsager i rødvinssauce
“Giving is often the most efficient use of money. For example, $20 doesn’t even cover a dinner out for our family. If I invest $20 at 12 percent (unlikely in the current economy), in ten years it will be $65.99. If I give it away, that $20 could teach one child to read and write. That child could break out of the cycle of poverty in ten years. Or my $20 could provide chickens to a family. Those chickens could give hundreds or thousands of new chickens or eggs in ten years, saving the lives of children that might have died from starvation or helping a family have enough money from selling the extras to send their kids to school. How does that compare to a plate of pasta or an invested $65 dollars? [sic] It isn’t comparable.”
Lorilee Lippincott, The Simple Living Handbook

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  1. That is a fascinating idea. I’m actually working right now on investing my money for the future and saving up for retirement. But I hadn’t actually considered giving anything. This will definitely be something for me to chew over. To whom should I give? And how much? Excited to find out!

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