A Week with Proofreading

Drew you in with my ever-so-exciting headline, didn’t I? (Cough.) Not so much.

The Makarios household is submerged at present in a sea of proofreading (hyphenation, overhangs, regional spelling variations, punctuation…) and having tried in vain to turn my mind to writing about something more interesting for you all, I decided that this week we’d have a look at the interesting side of all things proofreadery.

Punctuation personfied

So, to kick things off: which (or possibly what) punctuation mark are you? Here are three sites willing to weigh in with an opinion:




Share your results in the comments! I got comma, comma & em dash. I miss being a semicolon πŸ™

8 Replies to “A Week with Proofreading”

  1. I got exclamation point, colon, and ellipses. 😊 I’m energetic and optimistic! I care about: facts, truth and accuracy. I pause to take in the world around me…

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