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  1. I have several aprons. For cooking or anything on a bench I use a full apron (with a bib). My most loved was made over 20 years ago by a dear lady from church, who on hearing that I hadn’t found one my size at the church fair, turned up the following week with a little gift; she guessed my sizing perfectly. Another was bought at an historic cotton mill in Cheshire, and is 100% cotton. A couple of others were made by friends:a waist apron and a tougher gardening one with big pockets. Finally my old school sewing one with even bigger pockets, which has occasionally been used as a peg apron.
    Historically my favourite aprons were the official Intermediate School cooking apron,sewn by hand the year before in sewing class, and a tiny one sent by my grandmother when I was four or five. Pieces of the latter remain in patchwork curtains made some years later by my sister (and kept by me until I find a way to repair the damaged squares and reuse them, perhaps as a quilt).

    1. A positive wardrobe of aprons! Alas, there wasn’t anything so practical when I went through the intermediate years, although I dimly recall having to sew velcro – nightmare!

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