Alive and Inquisitive

Did you know that from 1904, drivers in the UK had to get a license to drive legally – but they didn’t have to pass any kind of test to get that license for another thirty years?

Rare 1931 Hispano-Suiza J12 (Warbirds & Wheels museum)
Just one of the fascinating gems I’ve dug up while working on Dolly & Dot: The Mystery of the Missing Maid.

Other topics I’ve looked up recently include:
Garrards (formerly Court Jewellers)
Famous bald men
Le Mans (the race, not the town)
Asprey (also famous jewellers)
Hispano-Suiza (illustrated above)
Winston Churchill
Coco Chanel
Passports (history of)
Costume jewellery
and the Savoy Hotel (on an odd little street in London which defines the turning circle for London cabs and makes you drive on the right).

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