Cake! Everybody Loves Cake…

Strolling through the file system this morning, I discovered a photo I’ve never shared with you: the cake I made for the Restoration Day release party.

It was the first time I made an icing other than the plainest of plain (water + icing sugar and a tiny bit of butter). Memory is hazy at this distance, but it might have been buttercream icing. With, as you can see in the photo, the viscera of at least one lemon.

It was delicious. Less delicious was the other photo I happened across: a dead mouse floating in the cats’ water bowl. (Always feed your cat on time.)

It’s interesting the things you rediscover when looking back through archives, isn’t it? I was stuck for something to read earlier this week, and so I read the earlier pages of my “scribbly book” – an old diary (for a year predating my birth) in which I write when I feel like thinking on paper (most days).

I ended up making a note of a few good ideas I’d forgotten since I first wrote them. I am also considering writing a monograph on Housework Plans That Are a Magic Bullet in Theory But Did Not Survive in Practice.

Woman writing a letter, with her maid, by Johannes Vermeer
(writes) Have successfully imagined maid; unable to imagine her actually doing anything as yet. Floor still messy.
I think my problem is an underlying belief that if I find the Right System then housework will just magically happen. But it turns out that nothing works unless you persist in it. I still think I should be able to find an approach which doesn’t require any bullying of self by self, but We Shall See.

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    1. There are two rooks, representing the Castle of Candra and the Bad Guy’s Lair; and a scattering of henchmen.

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