…But You Didn’t Get It

A quote I have often found myself reaching for of late comes from Douglas Adams: “We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.”

To give programmers their due, it’s a convoluted world to operate in. However, I have recently discovered that the plugin I depended on to send post notifications to those who signed up for them was no longer sending said emails. At least, not to those who had subscribed prior to the ‘upgrade’ at the beginning of this year. For some reason the upgrade set defaults to “do not perform core function unless explicitly re-instructed to do so.”

My day at wikipedia

So it’s probably just as well I haven’t been sending out many posts of late. Now that I have convinced the plugin that I really do want to send post notifications to all the people who signed up for them (I had to put them in a special list for this purpose, to my disgruntlement), you should all be getting post notifications.

Assuming that you signed up using the form in the footer, that is. If you signed up through WordPress you’ll be getting them in your Reader, unless you signed up as an ’email only’ subscriber in which case WordPress for reasons known only to itself (certainly not to me) is not passing the goods on. (I’m working on it.)

But all of you who did get this email can now pop across to the previous post to have a read of something more amusing than technology woes, or even up to the Blog tab in the header to see if there’s anything else you’ve missed of late.

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