The Wound of Words Reviewed

The Wound of Words has its first review! Pop across to Fantasy Book Critic to take a look at reviewer Adam Weller’s take on The Wound of Words and seven other self-published fantasy novels.

I’d tell you more, but I’m no spoiler. (Spoilerer? Spoileer? How do we not have a word for that?)

This is all part of – and thanks to – the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off 6 (which I entered back in June, as you may recall). More information, and more self-published fantasy novels than you can shake a stick at (unless monstrously endowed with arms and sticks), can be found here.

4 Replies to “The Wound of Words Reviewed”

  1. What an amazing, and very well deserved review! So good to have a complete stranger, used to reading other types of books, find so many good things to say 🙂 .He’s certainly highlighted what I think is the great strength of your writing – the dialogue. Congrats on making it to the finalist list! Hope it pays many dividends.

    1. Thank you!
      Inasmuch as I could still tell after all the revisions (they tend to sap the objectivity), I thought it was a reasonably decent book, but, like Koko in The Mikado, I am “very glad to hear my opinion backed by a competent authority.”
      In fact, Mr Weller’s opinion of the book in question seems to be, if anything, even higher than my own!
      N.B. The Wound of Words is on the semi-finalist list. The finalist will be chosen by all 4 FBC reviewers, and then sent forth to try its mettle against the nine finalists chosen by the other review sites.

  2. Whew! (I wanted to say ‘wow’, but it looked too much like the title).
    This is a well-deserved piece of praise. Definitely see the writer as a gem!! This review has to be read, since it has a very strong use of positive words, which are all appropriately applied to you. Congratulations. Why isn’t the world reading this book?

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