The Post of Christmas Past

Or rather, the posts. This is my eighth year of blogging, and I have amassed eight Christmas posts. You might think that this means one Christmas post per year, but you would be wrong (except in a purely statistical sense).

Here the assorted eight are, collated for your convenience:

2013: a carolly quote (plus happy faces!)

2014: a verdict on who wins Top Person of Christmas

2015: my holiday plans and the Best Gift Ever

2016: some words of wisdom regarding the age-old conflict of Right and Wrong

also 2016: the surprising parallels of centuries I and XXI (and what that means for us)

2017: a Christmas blessing

also 2017: a frankly clickbait title, but no less true for all that

and finally 2018: a consideration of the role of consent in the Christmas story.

Have a read, have a lovely Christmas, and see you next year!

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