Covid, Computers, Convalescence, Cough (Cough, Cough)

I had a good run. Covid may have got going in ’19, but it took it until ’23 to catch me. Or for me to catch it, depending on how you look at it.

In any case, I fell ill about a week after my last post, and though not badly ill, I was in isolation for the best part of two weeks. In terms of quantity, that is. In terms of quality, the best part of the two weeks was definitely the bit where I could cuddle the Caped Gooseberry once more.

In the approximately ten days since, I have been resting, testing my recovering capacities, and then resting again when it turns out I tested them too hard. Also working with the Caped Gooseberry to clear the silted gutter outside our building, in preparation for being brushed by the skirts of Cyclone Gabrielle. And finally, getting back to work!

This last was somewhat complicated by my computer dying (don’t worry, it had a good run too). You may have noticed a certain shortness and illustrationlessness to some of the January posts. Writing blog posts on a cell phone, it turns out, is far from easy.

The Caped Gooseberry valiantly got a new computer setup working for me (postponing a replacement for his own, which died around the same time), but then we went away for the long weekend, and when we got back I came down with the aforementioned Dreaded Lurgy.

So I am still getting used to the new computer, and gradually doing more with it, but that is nonetheless a great improvement on two or three weeks ago when sitting up unsupported for ten minutes was about the extent of my capabilities.

All I need now is to get rid of this pesky cough.

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  1. A few years ago a computer demise and an unbearable cough coincided. Very awkward (had a small phone screen, so internet was difficult). Empathy!!

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